Venture Watch is dedicated to tracking IT venture deals and to generating piping hot monthly and quarterly reports for European investors and press.


The goal of these reports is to keep everyone in the startup ecosystem up to date with what’s trending and to discover new opportunities for investment.

All the information tracked is based on publicly available sources and information passed on by our Venture Capital contacts in the IT industry. Some deals might not be registered if we don’t have the information, so feel free to send us any operation you believe we might have missed.


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Spanish Investment
Extract of an analysis report between Q1-Q3 of 2013 and 2014


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Spain Venture Capital Report (coming 1st week november)

The report covers every investment and M&A related to Spanish startups including, among others:

  • Total euros invested each month

  • Total number of operations each month

  • Accumulated numbers since the beginning of the year

  • Year to year comparisons

  • Funding history of each startup

  • Average and median deal sizes

  • Investments by industry and VC

  • Most active VCs by month, quarter and year

  • M&A deals

  • Future trends

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